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We start with greetings in the four founding languages of Feather Carriers: Ojibway, Mohawk, Métis and English

Feather Carriers is an Indigenous-led grassroots, national organization, born through the shared vision of our founders in response to the needs of families, communities and organizations asking for something more regarding the issue of suicide. The movement of life promotion is to cultivate inherent life promoting Indigenous knowledge while nurturing community sovereignty on a personal, local, national and international level.

We provide Indigenous suicide intervention training based on traditional and modern Indigenous knowledge as well as clinical experience. Training is provided in year-long teaching circles (cohorts) where participants learn to apply teachings related to concepts of life promotion and premature unnatural death to themselves and are then more honestly and skillfully able to teach it to others in their communities.

The training is available to communities and organizations throughout Turtle Island, and is intended for community leaders, youth leaders and mentors, front line workers including teachers, social workers, emergency services personnel and anyone with a motivation to promote life in their communities.

Rather than treating the crisis of suicide in isolation, we see suicide as one of many outcomes, (including addiction and unhealthy relationships), that occurs as a result of loss of meaning in life and connection to others. The way to address this is through developing a sense of identity and knowledge of one’s spirit. This will give us the anchors needed to weather the storms of life.

We are not a crisis service. If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, please contact emergency services or call the national suicide crisis hotline at 9-8-8.

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The Miikaans Teaching

The Miikaans (little roads in anishinaabemowin) is a map of life, from before birth until after death, describing the path we travel and the ways we are connected to life around us.

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Founders John Rice and Ed Connors introduce Feather Carriers

Life Promotion

Learn more about the teachings offered by Feather Carriers and our approach to suicide intervention and premature unnatural death.

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